Fucked My Cousin Sis Wonderfully Passion

hard sex with cousin sister


Hi, guys and girls. I am a frequent reader of Indian Stories. I thought I’d share my first real-life sex story with all of you here in this passionate community. Without delay, let me introduce myself and the heroine of this story, I am Jeddy (name changed) of Puri-Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I am a handsome 18 year old guy with an average rooster. And the heroine of my story is Shanaya (name changed) who is my 17-year-old cousin sister and is very sexy with a wonderful body figure. She looks like the Bollywood actress, Shraddha Kapoor.

My sexy aunt my sex dream


As for the story, please be patient and enjoy thoroughly. Here begins:

As I have reported, I am from Puri-Bhubaneswar, Odisha; I am a university student studying in my city of the last 2 years in a university of reputation. My cousin sister Shanaya has also been reading at my university since last year.

It used to be recognized as the sexual bomb of our university. Many boys pursued her; Even some of my friends had a lust for her. We live in our uncle’s house, our family consists of my uncle, aunt, Shanaya, and me. Because of the studies, and I had to live with my uncle.

One day, as usual, I was preparing for my university, meanwhile, Shanaya was too prepared and was taking a bath. I do not know why a sensual thought about Shanaya came to my mind, and I started to go to the bathroom, our bathroom is an attachment, it means two rooms are connected to a bathroom, I tried to see in the bathroom ventilation Ventana and I succeed . I saw Shanaya completely naked under the shower with a clean and shaved pussy and two large, round, perfect tits, seeing all these my cock starting to erect, I threw the chain of my jeans and I started to masturbate, after finishing, I relaxed And we went to breakfast. After her bath, Shanaya got ready and came to breakfast, she was sitting next to me, I said nothing and I behaved normally, then after we both went to our university. From that day, I decided to take Shanaya anyway and started looking for the golden opportunity.

Behan ki chut mari

And finally came the day I waited, my uncle and my aunt went to our relative’s marriage for a week and I was very happy. As soon as they left, I realized how to convince her to have sex with me, I thought she somehow failed, but suddenly I got an idea. I thought about bringing some high-potency pills and giving it to Shanaya, mixing it in the juice. At that time, Shanaya was at home, I told her that I’m going to my friend’s house to bring my copy of the assignment and I’ll be home soon, she said it’s okay and I went to a medicine store nearby and bought a few high tablets Sexual power and a packet of condoms. Then, when I came home, I cooled, and was completely ready for my first sexual desire and that too with my own cousin sister, I was very excited.

I asked Shanaya if she wanted to drink juice or not, she said yes. So thankfully, I went to the kitchen and prepared fresh orange juice for the two of us. I mixed the high sexual power tablets in the juice glass of Shanaya and brought our juices to her room, she was watching the movie on her laptop and I served her juice. She wore miniskirts and tops. He was waiting for her to drink the juice and she did. As the effect of high sexual power tablets will take up to 45 minutes to begin, I started talking to Shanaya about her life, and asked her if she had a boyfriend or not.

We talked about several things and my cock was erected the moment he looked at her. After some time, he began to sweat and I knew that the effect of the tablets of high sexual power began. He was anxiously awaiting the appropriate time effect of high-power tablets. After 45 minutes, she was uncontrollable and sweating. I was silent and unexpectedly asked me something that was beyond my imagination, asked me whether I am a virgin or not, without hesitation, I answered yes, I am a virgin. Then, after she started to approach me and then hugged me tightly and told me that I love you. I was shaking for the moment. He held my head in my back and began to kiss my lips for a few minutes; I was cooperating fully with her forgetting that she is my cousin sister. After the kissing session, he took my shirt off and asked me to pull down my jeans, so I did. She got down on her knees and began to give me a blowjob, I was receiving the heavenly pleasure that time, could not say what it was like, I was enjoying every moment. After giving me a delicious blowjob, I cum in her mouth and she drank all my sperm.

I started to take off my panties and lifted her miniskirt. He was rubbing her virgin pussy on her panty. She groaned slowly and began to undress her. After making her completely naked, I approached her and started kissing passionately.And wildly. Then after, I put a little down her pussy and started to lick it. It was so moist and fleshy. Doing all this for a few minutes, she ran into my mouth and drank all the water came out of her pussy. I sucked her delicious breasts thoroughly and began to squeeze. I opened the package of condoms I bought and I used it. I asked her to adjust my cock in the entrance of her pussy, so it will be easier for me to do my job. He did it and whispered in my ears to put the thing down as soon as possible. As it was my first time, I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy, since I was a virgin, I broke her seal and blood flowed out of her pussy, she screamed in pain and tears, but nevertheless, I managed to give a great And my cock was completely inside her pussy. She continued her fight for some time and she also started to enjoy it, she was moaning “Aaaah …. Oh yeah …. Jeddy … Give me more blows …. Oh yeah … You’re a damn fucking Bhenchodh … I love you … Aaahhh … Mmmmm …. Yes. ” After hearing all this about her, I increased my speed and began to explore more of her. I caught her for almost 2 hours and then I cum inside her pussy as I wore the protective condom. Then, after we both got tired and slept for each other for a few minutes. Later, we woke up and had a refreshing swim together; She gave me a satisfying blowjob in the bathroom. We had coffee together after bathing and continued our sex-drive day and night until my uncle and aunt returned. From that week, we look for more opportunities to have a quality time together. We even bunk our classes and enjoy in hotels or nearby accommodations.


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